Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wenworth - Where the Darling meets the Murray

Where The Darling River meets the Murray River at Wentworth

The Port of Wentworth on the Darling River

The canopy of a 500 year old tree buried in 15 metres of sand - Perry Sandhills

A Storm approaches - Perry Sandhills – Wentworth

Tractor from the past – Wentworth

Tuesday 4/5/2010

We decided to stay at the caravan park in Mildura for another night and spend the day in the Wentworth area 30 Kilometres west and where the Darling River meets the Murray system. The information centre at Wentworth was most helpful and armed with our handful of local information, we set off on the tourist trail. Today was set aside for the tourist thing and I never picked up the big bird lens all day. Places visited included the Wentworth Port, Perry Sandhills, Thegoa Lagoon and Reserve, The Darling Murray Junction, The old Goal, Weir 10 and several other point of interest.


  1. Fantastic mate...brilliant in fact. Saves us making the trip.

  2. The one of Perry Sandhills is stunning, love it.