Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Victor Harbour - South Australia

The One Horsepower Tram with Clysdale Power at Victor Harbour.
The Anchorage in Victor Harbour.
The Grosvenor Hotel in Victor Harbour.
The Whale Tail Fountain at Victor Harbour.
An old disused bridge at Glacier Rock west of Victor Harbour

Victor Harbour

It can be said that in South Australia all roads lead to Adelaide. It can also be said that those roads that do not lead to Adelaide lead to Victor Harbour. Driving around the Fleurieu Peninsula all road intersections have Adelaide one way and Victor Harbour the other.

Victor Harbour is on the southern coastline and the shore line of The Great Southern Ocean. Rocky Islands help to protect the coast line in this area from the large waves that come up from Antarctica. It is a popular summer holiday destination for South Australians. It is also the end of the rail line but I do not know if it is still in service. A tramline runs out along an old wooden jetty type bridge to Granite Island where there is a colony of Little Penguins. This tram is powered by a one horsepower Clydesdale, a truly reliable form of power for this tram. Southern Right Wales visit Encounter Bay which was named by Matthew Flinders in the “Investigator” after encountering French explorer Nicholas Baudin there. Whales are a focal point of the town with a whale centre to teach people about these large mammals. There is also a Whale Tail fountain in the park opposite. Leaving Victor Harbour we stopped at a place called Glacier Rock where there was an abundance of bird life.

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