Friday, May 28, 2010

Port Augusta to Leigh Creek

The walking gear on a 1951 BE Dragline at Leigh Creek. A bit different from todays designs.
Inside the hoisting and engine house on a 1951 BE Dragline at Leigh Creek. Very small to the unit on site at Ulan.
An endangered Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby at Warren Gorge near Quorn
Port Augusta and Leigh Creek

I had been told that the Arid Lands Botanical Gardens at Port Augusta was the place for birds so it was up early on Thursday morning and down to Port Augusta. We were there by 8.00am and drove in to the Matthew Flinders lookout. The first birds were all ready there so it was out with the camera and start shooting. From here it was on to the Information Centre which turned out to be a cafe in a large expensive building. Again the birds were here. It was out with the camera and on the hunt. Some of the birds that I photographed were:

White Browed babblers

Southern Whiteface

Singing Honeyeater

Spiny Cheeked Honeyeaters

Nankeen Kestrel

Yellow Throated Miners

Chirruping Wedgebill

White winged Fairy Wren (Female only)

Sadly the overcast sky did nothing to enhance the photos but I did manage to get some good shots. We loaded up with supplies and fuel in Port Augusta before returning to Quorn. Around 4.30pm we headed out to Warren Gorge looking for the endangered Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby. We were lucky and saw a total of 7 including a baby that was just out of the mothers pouch although I think it was still using the pouch when it wanted to.

That evening we made the decision to go to Arkaroola the next morning, known for its aridness and dry conditions, so we set off early to cover the 340 kilometres trip. Sadly someone forgot to tell the God of Storms and Rain that this piece of dirt was out of his domain and he gave it heaps. He even sent the wind to try and blow us away. By the time we got to Leigh Creek we got the message and booked into the local caravan park. Our fuel consumption for the trip from Quorn to Leigh Creek was the worst for the trip. I could not get the reading below 20 l/100kl. At 3.00pm we got a break in the weather and jumped in the car and headed for the coal mine at Leigh Creek. We managed to see the old dragline and a view of the old Open Cut before the weather turned nasty again. Back at the caravan the wind continued to blow and the rain came down. Tomorrow we will return to Port Augusta or Quorn and I think the Flinders ranges will be missed out for this trip. We will not try to drive north again while these strong winds prevail.

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