Monday, May 10, 2010

Lady Bay

The Plaque to HMSA Hobart at Lady Bay
HMAS Hobart Anchor and Memorial at Lady Bay
The Old Mill at Second Valley
An Old home at Second Valley
The Old Jetty at Second Valley
The Old Limeworks at Rapid Bay

Lady Bay

One of the places visited yesterday was Lady Bay on the Spencer Gulf side of the Fleurieu Peninsula. This area is claimed by some to be the most beautiful part of South Australia. It was first explored by Colonel Light in the “Rapid”. Leaving Normanville the first point of interest is the memorial to “HMAS Hobart” which now rests on the sea-bed in Lady Bay. At the south end of the Bay is Second Valley which is a beautiful small settlement having two sections, one on the main road where the Old Mill stands and the Old Jetty about a kilometre away on the rugged coast. A short drive further on is the turnoff into Rapid Bay which is another forgotten place off the main track. The old Lime Mill stands on the coast where the jetty starts. Houses are from the past and the old store has closed. A pleasant place to visit.

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