Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hahndorf - South Australia

Elm and Plain Trees line the road through Hahndorf.
Falling Autumn leaves make a carpet of colour
An old buckboard stands in the garden of a home in Hahndorf
The Old Mill in Hahndorf, now the front for a Motel
The German Arms Hotel in Hahndorf.
An old home in the main Street of Hahndorf
The Old Buckboard - Hahndorf.
Yours truly in an old german chair in Hahndorf


I have always heard people talk highly about the old German town of Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills. Today was the day we were to check the place out and we were not disappointed. Hahndorf tourist area is basically one long street which was formally the Princess Highway before the new expressway went it bypassing this community. It has not stopped the traffic from coming as it is one of the most popular tourist stops in South Australia as well as being a South Australian State Heritage Area. The 100 year old Elm and Plane trees lining the main street were dressed in their brilliant autumn colours for our visit and the falling leaves form a carpet of many shades where they had fallen. Light showers of misty rain which took turns with bright patches of sun to create the weather pattern for today, helped bring out the colours of autumn. Relics of the past were common site around the town which is proud of its German heritage. Many of the buildings are over 150 years old and are still in use today. We lunched on German food at one of the hotels that still cook and serve meals in the German tradition. One of the favourite sons of the town was Hans Heysen, a painter who made his name by painting bush scenery in South Australia, after whom the Heysen trail is named. We also visited Mt Barker nine kilometres down the road but for us Hahndorf was the main attraction.

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