Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Owls of the Darwin Botanic Gardens

Portrait of an Owl.

Darwin Botanic Gardens are known for their Owls especially for the Rufous Owl. This Owl lives on Possums and Gliders as its main food source. The other owls in the gardens are Barking Owls. My trip to the gardens was most successfully being able to photograph one Rufous Owl and two Barking Owls.

Arriving at the gardens I came across Andy and Trisha Pavone from Hervey Bay who were obviously bird watches. They turned out to be members of the Hervey Bay bird club back home. They were also searching for owls. We swapped phone numbers and agreed to ring if we found one.

I made the first strike finding the Barking Owls and contacted them and all of us enjoyed the find. An hour later I received a phone call and they had located the Rufous Owl. Working as two teams really paid off.

Rufoud Owl.
(Reminds me of one of my old school teachers.)

Barking Owl
(Just about to ask me what I am doing down there)

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  1. Fantastic pics, so real life like. Thanks for sharing.